I have a question.

  April 16th, 2018 by Enfield1955

Does anyone else get uncomfortable when people say that care about you? When they do nice things for you? I hate it. Makes me feel dirty.

I dont like gifts or compliments. Theyre just awful. If I dont like me then what reason do you have to? Im an expert on me and I know I am not worth it.

I actively discourage others from caring about me. I think theyre setting themselves up for failure. I genuinely dont get it. Its like theyre putting pressure on me.

“But youre a nice person!” Up until im not. Then i gotta hear about how they had me figured all wrong. Well i warned you. I dont think you should expect someone to be a good person. Cause then when theyre not you put the blane on them when it was your preconcieved notions.

For clarification im nice and polite to people generally, but i dont think that makes me a good person.

Too much responsibility. Just describe me as someone you know. Thats good enough for me.

Anyone else feel like that?

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