been hatin’ life since day 1

  May 12th, 2018 by hateanon

I hate my life. I’m a minor and that means I obviously have to live with my parents. I’m a girl and have 3 disgusting brothers. The only thing I have for myself is my brains which I got from my mother. She’s mean sometimes but she’s the only one I actually truly love in this nightmare of a household. My dad and I had a fight about 2-3 months ago and he hasn’t talked to me since. He’s a fucking stupid middle aged man and an ego the size of a fucking blue whale. I hate him so much, his standards for me are crazy. The only reason he liked me before was probably because he could brag about me. Both my parents are strict and I can’t wear anything above the knee or show my shoulders. When I’m with my friends wearing jeans, they’re like, arent you hot? ***** no I’m immune to the weather. Not to mention that since I’m with the popular group all my dumbass friends are bitches too. With their dumbass hoe outfits trying to get the guys while they are all over some chick with a boyfriend. It’s sad and pitiful, but I’m sad and pitiful. My family hates me, I hate my friends and they probably talk shit behind my back too. Only things keeping me going is volleyball and my mother. It’s worse when you are the one experiencing it. Wish I wasn’t a ***** so I could say something or just end it all right now.

Thanks for reading this

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