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Sometimes I just feel down and sometimes I feel as if im being held down by something so big I cant breathe It casts a shadow over me I cant quite tell how big but its big enough to cover my mind its so dark I struggle to smile people think they know but there just as lost as me they offer advice but it passes by my head like a breeze not a small breeze its like the breathe of the shadow it inhales and I feel blank then it exhales and still nothing happens im at a stand still but I don’t know where to go its like being hungry but not knowing what to eat because there is so much to choose from but suddenly all the food is gone and there’s nothing there and your still wondering why its so hollow, I just want some comfort but there’s no warmth there’s no cold its just a humid breeze you know its there and it doesn’t feel right my life just feels wrong like I’m out of place like a missing cog in a clock but something has taken the whole clock, I don’t mean to be pessimistic but I am I don’t belong he but, that’s fine…

I’m Fine.

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