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For I’ve returned, with less pain

by Mimo

To have been broken and fed to hounds,

Restiched and tossed once more. I must find my own paths alone.

For I am too broken to be man,

Too heartbroken to feel winds,

Too thought provoken to be alive.

I question whether I should attempt once more, knowing very well that I’ve failed countless of times, but what else am I supposed to Do?

After all that has happened, just forget?

Pretend that it never occurred.

I believe we suffer longer than others,

I understand you want to better yourself, but in doing that it moved me eleven steps back.

I’ll act happy to win you back, maybe that’ll work.

Because with my thoughts invoked in honesty,

Would mean you’d move from Me,

And if that happened,

Perhaps all of my attempts were to lead to a final one,

And I’ll be sure to let you know,

That severing someone’s heart that’s been utterly crushed,

Results in voids of hollow,

Without you I am nothing but a hollowed tree,

But I’ll wait,

I’ll wait for you to come back to store your nuts safely,

I’m always warm for You,

I just really hope you can see it,


Come back.


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1 comment

a1957 10/13/2018 - 2:08 pm

So much pain in these words so beautifully painted across my screen. I have known this heartache. I too feel these words.

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