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I always try

To never cry.

Nobody must see

The tears coming out of me.

On the inside

My emotions hide.

So nobody can see,

That today I cry.


Very few people in my life have seen me cry and I like to keep it that way. My friends think of me as always being happy and this has been true for a little while. However, someone new come into my life a couple weeks ago and really messed with my head the last few days. He made me feel worthless and question everything good in my life. It made me have other struggles with close friends which caused me to be so upset that I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. While I was with this friend in person I managed to just keep my tears back but later on in the last couple days I’d just ball my eyes out and when I’d try to stop, my face literally hurt. I hated being in such emotional pain like that and when people say that crying is good for you because it relives stress, I completely disagree and I guess there I a reason I never cry no matter how upset I get. But all in all, today I cry.

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