December 27th, 2018 by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

For suicide

it seems like we want,


for how long shall I live?

Until I die or until I cry?

Cry for what?

A better life?

To have a wife?

A girlfriend?

These questions linger in my mind,

Am I really a good person,

or am I just another hypocrite,

Or am I just a bad person,

for if I may how long will I live,

live for the sake of myself,

or for the sake of others,

and be a slave to a system that sold us all out,

for how shall the pain go away,

in the mind and body,

for a fragile peace,

that was built by war,

and destroyed countless lives,

while imprisoning others,

this world of ours,

it originally wasn’t our own,

as we create,

we destroy,

just let me die,

for you won’t even do that,


Was this really a poem?

Or was this the sigh,

of a man who wants to die,

27 years old,

Someone who couldn’t even kill himself and you probably already know why.

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