December 15th, 2018 by CrypticVeins


White through the curtains, white through the walls
White in our shoes, and staining the dolls
White through the eyes, of porcelain cracked
Where bits of the glass, held the pieces intact

Chests made of mirrors that reflect the make
Of the linen worn blouses, and sky colored fake
And the unbound attention we sought of the drones
Forever to lick at the sores of their clones

Drips the tongue,dry like they, effort deemed fail,
And failure brought pupils wide, reversing pride
Changing orders from the stale
Black inside, black inside.

It’s time to go now, brother pack your bags
He’ left the scissors, he left the rags
Branding our skin through the marks of our cuffs
Insidious and Exorcist can’t do us just.

By the manmade contortions of shocks through the skin
Prongs the ache of the flesh, again and again
Fuels the fire gone mad, feast our innocent sin
Again, and again, and again.

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