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by reasonsunknown1234

A note to anyone who has no experiance in feeling suicidal. It always shocks me when some people say they have never felt this way. For me, it is summed up as this:

Just because someone takes their life before you are prepared to lose them does not mean that they went before their time. Neither does it mean that they were in any way selfish. It simply means that they are not suffering anymore and the pain you are feeling now may never even scratch the surface of what they had to endure for probably longer than you will ever know. They are at peace now. It is not selfish to end one’s suffering. It is selfish to insist one keep suffering when you have never felt the magnitude of their pain.

Lucky are the few who have never been close, courageous are the many who have pulled through and continue to endure, at peace are the ones who are gone.


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Melancolia 7/2/2019 - 1:42 pm

Well said.

rocketman 7/2/2019 - 3:47 pm

I do agree with you but we do tend to just look at it from our point of view.


If you put yourself in their shoes, lets say it’s your mom and lets say she has taken good care of you, she invested a lot of time and love, it’s not a very good deal for her.

OK this is something else “The easy way out” people say that for different reasons, the example up above I don’t think the mother would say my child took the easy way out. She would just be heartbroken.

Another person might say “The easy way out” trying to convince themselves it’s worth staying in the game.

I’m just throwing out some thoughts, in general I think people close to you and love you would never say that, I think people who don’t know you well would.

bipolarbear 7/22/2019 - 9:59 am

this is beautiful.
Thank you for the validation.

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