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by li

As you lie there falling to sleep

I can’t help but think

what’s left to loose

I’ve lost you

many time

your friends said don’t talk to him

“maybe they are right”

what if they are right

what if me leaving is the best for you

for both of us

so I can get going

and you can get better

I don’t know why you are still here

for me

I don’t know why I’m cared for

I don’t deserve you

you are happier without me

I caused you troubles


it’s just one step to one small step to take

by the train platform

just one small step

and I can’t hurt you anymore

just one more  heart ache that you will get over

one more

i don’t know where I’m going with this anymore

but I know tonight before I go

Might be the last night

for me to hold you tight

to try to make up for everything

to kiss you

make you smile and call me a fool

To hurt you




love x

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