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beauty, and death

by Ennui

This is a historical photo of a woman who jumped to her death from a tall building onto the roof of a limousine.
It’s funny how everything about it is contrary to what one would expect –
it’s the scene of a suicide, and it’s beautiful.

She looks so elegant, grasping at her pearl necklace, and the limo roof looks voluptuous, like it’s billowing around her. One almost wouldn’t imagine she was just smashed to death on it.

Then there’s the morbid face of a man in the distance trying to catch a glimpse of her corpse, luxuriously sprawled on the gleaming death bed.
He is me, maybe you, anyone really; his is the face of the writhing masses.
He is still alive, but that against his better judgement.

One almost couldn’t blame her for wanting to leave his world, it’s so dull, so unaesthetic.
So unlike her death.

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Ladybugluvr99 8/25/2019 - 6:00 am

Wow, so creepy and beautiful at the same time …

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