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Its be a while I guess
There was so many thing I would have wanted to say to to but I couldn’t
I won’t
I cant bear to loose you I guess
I was afraid
But now im not here
I guess its only fair and right for you to know these

I loved you
I always have

I know there were never a us
So I try my best to treat you well
Hiding my dark side from you
Try to be a good friend
Have you as a part of my own little family

But good thing can only last this long
Im getting tired

And in those long sleepless night
I thought about you
I realised
You never were alone
You never will be
Your family were never with me

It was with others
Always has been
You trust them more then you ever will trust me
You think about them

You never belonged with me
Your heart never stayed
Not for a beat

Knowing that I have tried
Gaven you all I have
Its about time

About time for me to realise that I have been wrong
In my heart, in my memory
You never were here
You never belong here
You never were in love
You never saw me more then just a friend

You always have better friends
You always have someone to turn to
There will always be someone for you
And I hope they will be there for you as I have been

I do admit I have rely on you for a while

Its because I have never had someone that I can rely on
Not with my soul and my heart

You have always been kind to me

Thank you

And I ve relised it is indeed time for me to let you go

On your marry way

To where you belong

To those who you left your heart and trust

And it is indeed time to let me go

Where I won’t hurt ever

Some say there is an afterlife

I argue
I would say that the afterlife is the memory that I left behind

It is where you

Where my friends
Where you
Think I will go
Where you be the judge

Im hurt
Im tired
I will be alone
I always have

I wish I could hold you one more time
Where I was just a kid
Where I didn’t understand
Didn’t understand what happens felt like
What saddens was
Where holding you in my arms were the only thing I crave

Where a hug
A kiss made me feel high

Im sorry and good bye

I really do wish you find them
Find him
Find her
Find the one

love . li


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LonelyPotato 9/26/2019 - 11:01 pm

Really feeling this post and relating to a lot of what you said. Is it alright if I ask what happened?

alone 1 11/5/2019 - 9:12 pm

its with someone i love someone who was too kind
to kind to me

JudgeMeNot 12/5/2019 - 1:27 am

You didn’t kill yourself?

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