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So much Hate filled inside, Shy respect for the mass shooters :/

by Ladybugluvr99
  1. I cant say much because I dont want to label and pinpoint people I went out shopping grocery shopping with mother and had a horrible day I want to get a New PTSD diagnosis from doctor for heavier meds Ptsd and just plain peace of mind Just so much rage and Hate towards my father and his side of the Family their super super Mexicany Here in Cali we call em “Paisas” Well im more of a Alternative chick with ties to gangster guys then theres the mainstream crowd the Young Mexican crowd doesnt like me, And I dont like them………………    Not at all of them there these weird bottom dweller hide behind bush weird bully stalker kind maybe I can get more into details about it later

Anywho My mom doesnt share enough Pot(i Know random right? and shes married to a wetback thats what im saying) with me and im about to punch somebody out IVE DONE IT BEFORE LUCKILY THE COP LET ME GO I DONT KNOW IF I WILL BE SO LUCKY THIS TIME* So I want heavier meds I want a hospital stay without looking like a ***** I want something I want peace of mind

About my family etc ** My mother doesnt get along with my aunts and my parents been married for like 25 years or something long like that, And i finally realized how fucked up that was THAT ONE of my particular Aunts was dragging and being mean to my mom like that, So bye!! You guys will never see me again 🙂 To them Im the most American one lets “Angelo-Saxon” one that’s made it, Lets put it that way. Theres so much more to the story ………… Out of my cousins theres my sister then just two older cousins.


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Recitative 11/14/2019 - 12:06 pm

You might want to read today’s news, edit your title, and think before you type.

It'll Be Ok 11/14/2019 - 12:18 pm


JudgeMeNot 11/16/2019 - 10:49 am

I dont know what I read made any sense. I envy mass shooters. When I say Mass, not talking about 2 or 3 deaths. That’s fucking annoying and where I live my country overreacts when it comes to public shooting.
Despite how sad it maybe to some people the news media loves the coverage keeps them in business.

“Mass” shooters are special in ways that I’m fascinated with. They cross the line of Man made restrictions. (Law/Human morals) they are a perfect representation of what this disgusting Humanity really represents. We are truly barbaric always have, always will.

I see people on news after the shooting and they act all surprised and shocked and just shake my head.

Take note*
Always expect the unexpected.
Everyone’s action is unpredictable especially the unexpected.

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