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by Alfred1688

As I watch how my life is burning away
I am powerless to keep the fire at bay
All I can do is watch it turn into ashes
Helplessly looking how everything crashes
I cry out to for help but no one came
Left alone to be consumed by this flame
Unable to keep everything from falling apart
Unable to escape this trap in which I am caught
What brought this accursed flame?
Am I myself completely to blame?
Did I light the match and set everything on fire?
Trying to conceal that truth like a liar?
I am trying to find the cause of this flame
Trying to figure before it drives me insane
But this journey has been tiresome and long
Now my strength is drained and gone
Why must I continue to fight?
I see no hope in sight
Maybe If I end it this suffering will cease
Then I can finally be at peace

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