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I think I’m ready

by sweetlife

For the last months I’ve been feeling like I’m carrying a lot of things in my back, every time I try to solve any problem it ends up being bigger than before. I’m not sure I can get through this one more time. I’m tired, by myself, layed down just waiting for the time to come.
I just broke up with my gf, she were always there for me, but I just hurted her so much she can’t continued with me. And I understand, this is something that she learned about my and tried to help me, she was giving everything she had even when she had her own problems, she put them aside and tried her best but, like always I just got something in my hands to break it. I don’t say isn’t my fault but, it hurts when you really loved for the first time, when someone tells you that you can be different, when you can beat every thought in your mind. But it’s hard when you realize that every single day is the same as before.

Being honest, I think this is it. I was dealing with the fear in every attempt, but, once I was completely by myself, didn’t feel it anymore. I’m not saying this is my last time in here, even when it´s the first but, I think I’m ready to go, I just, need to do some things before so I can go completely in peace. That’s what I need for my family and friends to have. Peace.
That’s the most important thing, for they to have it. For me to give it.

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ElenaForest 3/24/2020 - 5:45 pm

I have a lot to say but i won’t say it… Its too long and too sad,just know that i feel you, if you want someone to talk to add me on instagram: @autumn9moon I’d be glad to talk to you

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