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I dont know

by Maria012

Just feeel like crap.  Just waiting for the right moment to end it all.. Need to get over my fear and just jump.


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Abnormal.Thoughts 4/14/2020 - 12:39 am

I will offer some hope though, things do change, you may find that in a year you are in a better place and look back happy you didn’t jump. It took me 8-9 years to find a happy place, I was content for 7 years before I fell again to despair. Just give it some time to see what happens.

Christina_the_Cat 4/14/2020 - 10:50 pm

You don’t get over your fear by giving up. You get over your fear by fighting. The brave ones stand up until the end instead of jumping into the abyss of death. I continued my battle and I conquered. I am strong. I am fearless. I am alive. So are you.

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