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Targeted with mind control technologies

by Drewski

Apparently I have been placed in a suicide program of some sort.

It began years ago but kind of ebbed and flowed over time but came to a dramatic and sudden head more recently, where acoustic audio and psychological torture weapons are being used on me, the same kind you hear about the military using on foreign soil.

I’ve realized I don’t have much power in the situation and the ‘perpetrators’ even offer an ‘assist’ in the suicide. Meaning, they are able to pull the trigger for you, remotely. They have demonstrated this for me. I guess that helps with some of the remaining troubles I would have had in this program.

Anyway, my question is about the note. Should the note imply that I ‘wasn’t in my right frame of mind’ to ease the survivors or should I point toward these targeting programs or should I just not leave one at all?

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boxcar 5/7/2020 - 3:55 am

Hey, whoa… I know you’re hurting. Believe me.
But Don’t follow online communities to sum up what could actually be a psychotic episode… Don’t be afraid of a doctor, ask for help. I’m usually against telling someone to see a doctor, but this is the exception, because often, people who describe what you are are too afraid of reaching out for help due to feeling like any help that’s *statused* is a “they” etc

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