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5000 years later

by plasticflower

well, i am BACK.
lately things have been pretty normal i suppose, though i can’t say i’m well, it’s alright y’know? honestly i’m just a bit more anxious than usual today because of a dream i had last night, where i tried jumping off a 7th floor but then nothing happened and no one noticed, so idk. felt off when i woke up.

also, i got an app to keep track of my mood because i always forget, so i can look back if i need to; it’s been helpful i suppose.

anyways, i hope everyone here has, at the very least, an okay day today, tomorrow and so on. bye then

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ashadow 7/12/2020 - 10:46 pm

I think a mood tracker can be helpful. There tend to be patterns in the ways we feel, and something like that can help show a bigger picture and sometimes help show when an extra boost is needed, even if the baseline emotion is negative due to depression or other issues.

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