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by namiki

Yours eyes were like heaven.
Your smile was like nothing i have ever seen.
Your face was like nothing I could have imagined.
Was this love?
Was this what i have always wanted?
The way you looked at me was what I have always wanted.

Now your eyes remind me of what I thought i wanted.
Your smile reminds me of my mistakes
Your face reminds me of beauty but not beauty within
What we had was not the love i wanted.
What i wanted was more then what you are capable of.
The way you look at me now is the way you have always looked at me.
Something is different in that look.
That look is the look of a child.

I was infatuated with you.
Now I hold nothing for you.
Even this pit of rage I contain, is not worthy of you.
With this poem I cast you out of my life.
I do not wish you harm because i wish that i never met you.
if we had met in a different time we could have been friends.
But without you, I would not have learned what a child’s love feels like.
You remind me of what I should be.
My heart is broken but I will be ok.
You moved on and maybe one day you will feel the pain I felt.

This last stanza is the last of “Us”.
We had our time together as friends and as a couple.
We had our differences.
We had our similarities.
Now I want us to be apart.
What I feel is nothing.
I am nothing but flesh.
My mind is blank.
The closest thing to me is what you stole.
But now someone else is piecing me together.
Better then you ever could.
This is good-bye.
Thank you for teaching me what I did not know before.

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