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I’m f***ing tired of my mom

by Galaxy7777

She yelled and slapped me when I was a child -and when I shouted at her and misbehave- and now she’s yelling at my niece when she misbehaves and when she yells at her… I f***ing cannot live here anymore, each day is fighting and fighting between them… AND MY NIECE IS 7 Y/O AND MY MOM IS 64!!! I can’t understand!

Furthermore, sometimes my mom mocks at my niece when se has done something bad, she calls her “dumb”, and for me at least, I consider that hearing that from a person you love when you are a child is heartbreaking… and you think you’re dumb. I can’t whitstand tyhis anymore! I react to every feeling and emotion I hear from mysurroundings: if there’s anger I’m in anger, if there’s impotence I feel outrageous, if there’s noise I feel nervous and anxious… F*ck life, f*ck this house and f*ck them!!!

Edit: Right now he are arguing again… my niece yells and makes tantrums, while my mom is angered and yells to. Things like “pesada”, “chiquilla de miércale”, “chiquilla pesada”, “tonta” or similarities are normal between them… Now mom is trying to talk to her, ’cause my niece, when angered, hits, push and yells at my mom, and she’s trying to remain calm but her personality doesn’t allow her.

Did I mention my niece has a little brother who has only 2 y/o?


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falling_soup 12/1/2020 - 6:22 pm

I relate a lot to what you are saying about the verbal/physical abuse with your mom. I have a mother who behaves very similarly and growing up wasn’t easy. I have my fair share of stories similar to what you are describing. Coping with it is hard, I could not even begin to imagine living with her right now and with everything going on in the world. I was always one to stay out of the house with a part-time job or with friends/school. Hang in there, if you need to chat – let me know, I can give you an email address or something.

*air hugs*

a1957 12/1/2020 - 8:46 pm

Your mother must have taken lessons from my mother.

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