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this got me through one day maybe it will do the same for u…

by im.done.living



Hey, you.


Yes, you.


You’re the one reading this, aren’t you?


Well, let me tell you something.


You need to know.


DON’T SCROLL, please..


I know, I know I’m a stranger here on the internet.


But, I guarantee you, you need to hear this.


Are you in a dark place?


You aren’t alone.


We all were there, y’know.


Feeling Suicidal?


Please don’t.


I think you matter.


Even if I don’t know you, I still think you matter.


You are the best stranger I’ve met.


So, do something for me real quick.


It’s quick, I promise.


Drink some water.




Look, see how they shine?


See how they twinkle and glimmer?


it’s like you.


Even in the tiniest bit of light, you shine.


If you want to take your life, think about something.


Out of the 7 billion+ people on this earth..


Someone out there, they think you’re perfect.


They love you, so much.


Imagine how much you’d hurt them if you left..


even if it seems unlikely, I can assure you.


Someone out there, they love you.


So keep fighting.


You’ll win, no matter how hard it is.


“Fight the storm to see the rainbow”. Remember that, okay


Good, I love you.

Stay safe, handsome/beautiful 🙂

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