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I think it’s time

by DeadTired

Okay so I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional issues and because of those I end up acting irrationally. I try not to self-harm, because I know it doesn’t please God and it hurts my loved ones. But I am getting to the end of my rope. Today I was praying to the Lord for a sign that I shouldn’t kill myself today, but he didn’t answer. So I think maybe he is okay with me doing it, or maybe his grace has just run out for me. Either way, I should have done this a long long time ago.


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blue_dude15 2/16/2021 - 2:25 am

I`m really late to this, but…
I know you`re probably sick of hearing this but please don`t kill yourself. I`m personally not religious, but if God does exist I don`t think he would have to time to give everyone a sign to keep living on. Maybe he did give you a sign and you didn`t notice. (I`m sorry if I sound disrespectful in any way). Please try to live on, for yourself.

Im-Random 2/18/2021 - 5:09 pm

Hey, I hope ur still alive to read this But Please know that god wouldn’t give you a sign, thats why god gave us rules He wouldn’t help us we just have to believe in it, I’m a Muslim and I’m Also living for god I always Wanted to die but Islam forbids SUICIDE. I never asked god for a sign cause He is Himself the thing that kept me alive. If u gonna kill yourself no matter what then your not living for god your just living for “What god will do for you” and He wouldn’t do anything tbh Unless you follow him

system 2/20/2021 - 1:54 am

the experience of a higher power is different for everybody. the way that you’re phrasing things comes off as if you’re kind of shaming OP for expecting a sign from a higher power that they believe is there to guide and protect them.

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