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harassment! my favorite! /s

by system

trigger warning for mentions of stalking/blackmail/abuse + victim blaming + abuse romanticization + mentions of forced self mutilation… and excessive sarcasm on my part (under the screenshots).

thread 1: on my post “liar [internal dialogue]”

thanks for the insincere apology.  how do I know it was insincere? oh, well, I dunno… maybe because you continued to act like this even after I made it clear that you had crossed boundaries.

thread 2: on my post titled “temptation”


thread 3: on my post titled “i love the person you pretended to be”

context for my reply below VVVV: it took me a bit to type out and I hadn’t seen the above response until I had posted my reply.

right. a r*pe victim who has c-ptsd and 9 years worth of trauma is miserable! so surprising!! wow!!! i had no idea!!!! thank you for enlightening me!!!  what a genius you are! /s


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