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Hey my friends ! I really wanna know how everybody’s doing. What’s something that made you laugh this past week? Did you run into an old acquaintance? How is life right now ?


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corvidaecorpse 4/21/2021 - 11:46 pm

i’m not doing well and i’ve got 13 hours until an event that i know will make me go nuclear and no way to avoid it or get out
this week i laughed when i saw a post on my friend’s frank iero stan account that simply read “you might notice that i like frank iero” ‘cuz uh yeah dude i sure fuckin suspected after two years of you posting daily pics of the guy and thirsting after him. i mighta had an inkling buddy

blue_dude15 4/22/2021 - 3:12 am

Heyy, thanks for asking. 🙂
I’m currently alright right now, just a bit tired, though generally this week and last week were the worst I’ve experienced in a long time.
I’m trying to re-connect with an old friend, but they’re not answering which only makes my mood worse, lol.
Hmm… what’s something that made me laugh? My close friends made me laugh a few times, I’m pretty lucky to have them. And I watched some vines on youtube. The vine called “can I PLEASE get a waffle” gets me everytime.

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