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Still feel my depression is terminal – Day 6 from the Hospital

by ivygradhc

Still writing these from the hospital.    Part of me wants to be humourous and say Psych Ward, Loony Bin, Funny Farm,  or some other slang for mental health facility but I use humour as a defense and maybe it is time to let all those defenses down for the moment.

I had a consult with a facility that specializes in treating depressive disorders like I have.    The Caseworker from this hospital had gotten this started and had even found out a bed was available.  She had done good work getting it that far.

Well, 5 minutes into the consult they told me because I have a bad foot and have to walk with a cane that they cannot accept me.   Their words were “We cannot accept that risk” so I am back to square 1.   I am here at this hospital still which one way is a good thing.   If I were home I would either be in the process of doing what I had planned or I would have done it already.   I have done my homework on that front an and I so I would have finished what I I am still thinking is a good thing for me.

Well,  tomorrow back to square 1 for treatment.   If I continue to feel like am playing against a stacked deck trying to at least do something about this then I know what the good thing has to be.


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system 4/20/2021 - 1:08 am

I have to admit, “Loony Bin” made me giggle.
Humor aside, I’m relieved to know you’re at the very least under doctor & nurse supervision as to prevent you from being a danger to yourself. It’s really disappointing that they refused to admit you because of a cane, but from a more mental hospital-y perspective, it’s probably to prevent you hurting yourself with it (blunt damage, bruising, etc) or another patient taking it and hurting themselves with it. I hope you find a treatment center that will give you a room.

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