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Still in the hospital and I seemed to have skipped day 12. But my PC was out

by ivygradhc

We are not allowed to have chargers in our room so I have to give my laptop to the nurses station to charge.   I’ve shown them several times how to set it up to charge and several times they have not done it right so no charge.    How hard is it to plug in a laptop?   Yesterday I asked them to bring everything into my room and I plugged it in and placed it on the docking station and made sure it locked in place and bingo, it was charging.    they took it back and were able to repeat the same process and it is charged this morning.   Thank god for small miracles.

Last night was a fair sleep night.  I listened to a meditation podcast my therapist sent me and I was asleep before it ended.  I woke up after a couple of hours and listened to another podcast and went to sleep.   I woke up twice more but went back to sleep each time without the podcast.    my CPAP machine notes that I woke up from a breathing issue once every two hours and I slept for 6.5 hours.

I am still missing my wife dearly and am dreading the divorce process. I have to get that off of my constant thoughts otherwise I will go through with my plans.

I am still waiting on information for moving to a residential facility where therapy and resources are more suited to treatment of my type of depression.    I am going to more of the groups here but not getting much out of them.  Also the Dr whom I did not like when I first got here is back and is annoying the hell out of me.  I have asked for a replacement to no avail.   I am not one to make a scene or complain out loud (I consider that rude) but I am getting too irritable to deal with it.

Well  I hope I hear about the residential facility today.   I will try to keep my plan on hold (it is on hold anyway while I am in here) and just pray for my wife’s welbeing.    I cannot pray for reconciliation as that would be like begging so I will have to figure some different prayers.

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LeaveMeAlone. 4/26/2021 - 4:53 pm

It must be hard for you. I’ve always thought that being dependent on machines to survive would hurt my pride. Not that I have much left of it. It sucks that you can’t do anything about your doctor. I don’t pray much, so I can’t give you any help on that. Really, I can’t help you at all, but I’m trying my best to sympathize. It’s good that your nurses figured out how your laptop charges though.

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