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by thedevilisclose

Cancelled my therapist appointment and now I’m getting drunk.


Lifes BS (I need to put that on a shirt lol)


(looking at footbath) well…. God knows how long we’re gonna be here and after the time I’ve been having I deserve it so fuck it. I’m treating myself to a spa day….. If I can figure out how this work XD.

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heartlessviking 4/13/2021 - 1:44 pm

Irony being this is my first day in some time to try and make it through stone cold sober. I got my medical cannabis card, and while it doesn’t stop depression, it helps. So does a bit of gin here and there. You’ll have to imbibe enough for the both of us, because though I have a beer I greatly think I would enjoy, I dislike smelling of it.

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