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“okay like
Took me a little while to realize it but what he’s saying basically is removing faith as a motivator in replacing it with a blind devotion to facts is similar to giving a child access to the internet and replacing their natural curiosity with an ability to use google whenever they want
The shift from faith to concrete evidence as the basis for reason is the beginning of a process which eliminates all intelligence from mankind
Same thing with nihilism
It’s about heterogeneity”
“yes its what solomon is saying”
“this just makes me think, and i mean, really solidifies it, that everything has already been thought of and said
i mean
at either end of the spectrum, i see no point
we embrace the wisdom of solomon and others and bla bla something relating to knowledge
or we exist in a state of perpetual anarchy devoid of knowledge
we oscillate somewhere in between
and who cares”

“you explained my indifference to it pretty well”

What people mean by faith is just the spontaneity present in the act/experience of understanding. As she said, according to solomon peace love understanding wisdom knowledge faith belief spirit humanity, it all means the same thing.

To help others without being sanctimonious and dismissing what may seem trivial demonstrates true empathy.

It’s a very simple formula. When conflict arises, seek resolution. Resolution is attained through reason.
There is a principle called Hanlon’s Razor that states: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately attributed to incompetence”… or as I say, ignorance.

Who are the ignorant? Those who lack awareness. Reason is often eclipsed by tension. And tension often arises due to a lack of patience. Those without patience lack awareness.

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Abnormal.Thoughts 5/7/2021 - 9:38 am

This is interesting, I don’t think it will destroy our intelligence but I do think it has the potential to limit further growth since we aren’t discovering for ourselves. Maybe that’s what’s missing for so many, discovery.

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