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by elleInWi

My relationship didnt work out cuz i completely shut down and went ghost. I cant handle havin anyone like me back, but my dumbass will be like months from now “why dont men like me?” Because thats just the demented vicious cycle i seem to be trapped in no matter how much i try to break it. But whatever.

Me and my kids spent mothers day at milwaukee zoo. Was a great day, i luv animals so much and always wanted to work in a zoo or be a marine biologist. Being busy made me feel like our life was “normal” again. Reality didnt set in til the drive back. Like oh yea, we’re livin in a hotel. My caseworker said she found us a place but i havent heard back from her about it.

My fathers court case is still opened. All they do is meet up and say lets reschedule and also the investigation is incomplete. Just dont understand why the law needs to drag out cases like this especially when he already admitted to the crime. But whatever.

All these jobs are hiring and i get interviewed and they still dont want me. So like am i too fat? Is it my resting ***** face? Is it the fact i worked for the state in 2 diff departments and employers feel intimidated? Why wont u hire me???!!! But oh no i get the infamous email “we went with a better qualified candidate” like how is there any1 better than me? I have 15yrs experience, is that seriously not enough? Im insulted and depressed and so help me if a highschooler got that job. Single parents need jobs not kids with no to barely any experience. Your rejection of me is the reason why me and my kids are struggling but by all means, keep rejecting me cuz apparently my resume doesnt mean jack.

Im just in a fk everything and everyone type of mood today. Like i wanna be optimistic but people punch my optimisim in the face and im like Wtf Bruh, but why?????

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Robert77 5/10/2021 - 11:44 am

They are turning you down probably because you made too much money in the past. The most qualified candidate these days is the one who will except chump change and take it up the wazoo like a good little slave. If you were to say oh please pay me a few dollars less than you normally would they would hire you.

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