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Moved from the Hospital to a Depression Rehab Facility – 6 days ago

by ivygradhc

And I feel worse.

Not sure what it is.  My talk with the Admission coordinator gave me a good idea what the place is supposed to be like.    I was wary it would be an drug and alcohol rehab facility and was assured that it was not.   She was honest and said they handle dual diagnosis however.  The plan would be two visits with a therapist each week and two visits with a Psychiatrist each week to monitor meds.   I would not be able to see my own therapist but they would share notes with her when I left.   They would also help me with my diabetic diet.    The program consists of 5 group therapy sessions each day.  Those I actually like depending on the therapist running it.    When I checked in we decided my two main objectives of my stay was to stabilize my depression and mood,  and help me get control of my thoughts to follow through with a plan to end things.


Well,   My first meeting with the therapist he presented me with a therapy goal list with two goals.   First to improve my mood, with which I was OK.   Second was for me to work on my sobriety and continued recovery.  Since when the heck did I become an alcoholic?     Looks like someone did not read case notes before he met with me.   I was able to get him to re-write the list and then said the session was finished.    After thinking about this the next  day I decided I need a different therapist.   First impressions, especially with a therapist are important.   Plus the group therapy sessions he runs consist of him reading handouts to us.   I requested to see as therapist three days ago.  Was told tomorrow, and then tomorrow and now tomorrow again…

I am also disappointed that I am having a hard time finding menu items that work with my diabetes.    All I found was Danish set out this weekend, and all the cereals were sugary.   Luckily I found some hard boiled eggs.  Lunch and dinner were heavy on pasta or potatoes so my choice was limited.

Well enough complaining.   I am just wondering if this place will be able to help me.   I know if I go home now I will most likely start thinking of what I had planned and probably go through with it so I need to stay here.  Just trying to find some help that works….


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system 5/4/2021 - 1:04 am

I’m glad to know you’re acutely aware of the fact that you wouldn’t be safe by yourself right now. That’s a hard thing to admit/come to terms with.

Inpatient (depending on where you go) can be rough sometimes. Usually they have a dietician at these facilities, so I’m a bit surprised that they haven’t at the very least made accommodations for your diabetes.

I hope the next therapist you meet clicks with you. It can be difficult finding someone that feels comfortable.

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