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Just dont get him

by elleInWi

So my old friend Manny back from doc bootcamp days, has decided he wanted to cut ties with me yet again. I was giving logical advice/answers to a “argument” he had with another friend and he didnt like that i didnt enable him n feed into his jaded thoughts of the situation. Im like bruh i dont see anything wrong with what your friend was saying to you in this whole text. But what i did see was you alienating him, baffling him, sabotaging your new job and beating him socially with your mental illness.

Well that set a fire with him cuz it wasnt a response he wanted. I only take a persons  side if i see its called for but Manny was the aggressor and he was talking crazy. For years i suggested he get therapy but instead he got mad about it and then just went further into his madness. Hes lost jobs cuz of it, his wife, his friends, strangers have called cops on him. Hes delusional sometimes amd thinks he can control demons n that hes died a few times and that he has powers. I just seriously dont know why no1 has gotten him chaptered because he seriously needs to get stabilized.

It opens my eyes about me sometimes like damn when im in that mode do i sound that stupid and crazy? Im almoat embarrassed for both me n him. Hes another reason i got myself meds n a therapist now because i dont want to end up like him. I mean i still struggle with my hallucinations and paranoia and theories etc but with the state jobs i had, i learned how to pretend to be sane as best as i can.

Like sure i seem fine on the outside all content and physically organized but theres still a shadow person in the corner either watchin or pointing things out to me.

But eh we will see how long he goes without talking to me this time. I honestly would be okay with losing him because im fixing myself right now n hes a hot mess and i just cant force myself to be around all that trigger.


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Jaime 6/27/2021 - 11:44 pm

Fuck friends like that

elleInWi 6/29/2021 - 11:10 am

Yea i cant take his intensity anymore. He stresses me out with his psycho babble. Hes so bad right now that he makes me look sane af

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