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by FarahLajeenNourAlDeen

***To: IDREAMOFPEACEFULSUICIDE <3, My Comment to Your First Post***


hey! i wrote You a comment but your post is no longer there

if You’re not comfortable on this site, it’s okay, & i understand

please just read what i wrote here

& let’s talk about this either here or You can e-mail me




: (
kind soul i’m sooo sooooo sorry for all You’ve been
i truly truly am
You don’t deserve anyyy of this

You describe a lot of injustice and attacks directed at
& my heart is with You through this in every way, i
swear i mean it

i just think it’s really important that we try
to work out what exactly has been happening,
& who exactly is causing it to happen,
& why…

it appears to me that You’re in this repeating situation
someone claims You’ve done something,
& You say You didn’t
but the authorities always stand by that other person’s
side of the story
& never your side

This would mean 1 of 2 things:

as You said,
for some unknown reason,
the authorities are collaborating with
all the other persons who are constantly &
for some reason,
trying to harm You

You are ‘missing’\’forgetting’ parts of your own
conversations and actions

Parts that cause others to fear that You may be at risk
or that You may be a risk to others

That’s why one of the first things we need to do is
which case is it

from there we’ll be able to decide what’s best to do to
keep You safe from harms way

a requirement for all this
is that You please please stay with us

please don’t leave
please don’t harm yourself in any way


You have at least 1 friend here now
let’s work this out together

my first question:

those ‘molesters’ and others who are constantly
targeting You

is it possible [& safe] that You specify to us here
exactly exactly
their names,
physical & character descriptions,
& their relationship to You
[parent, sibling, relative, neighbor, friend, co-worker,

take care
stay safe
&, most importantly, please ‘stay’

we’ll get through this together : )

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