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Back on the grind again

by elleInWi

Just went for my doses of antipsychotics. 2 shots in the butt, 1 pill and also some sleepin meds cuz ive always struggled with insomnia cuz of paranoia and my shadow guy.  Hadnt had a shot since i was in winnebago, but i cant trust myself to have those pills around so its gotta be this way.

Since my new apartment that i moved into yesterday, is across the street from a burger king. I literally stayed up watching out my window watching burger king close for the night and the workers cleaning before they left. Lol

Im so happy to be spending the 4th of july in my new place and not in a gloomy hotel room. Cant wait for the parade and fireworks. Its always been my favorite holiday. And its my mothers 1st 4th of july in heaven but i know she will be there watchin the parade with us 🙂


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Usami 7/2/2021 - 10:43 pm

I’ll wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment for the parade, keep your head up and bad thoughts out mate. Greetings from me.

elleInWi 7/3/2021 - 7:10 am

Thanks!!! 🙂

elleInWi 7/3/2021 - 7:12 am

Man those shots kicked my ass last nite. I felt tired, heavy, had a pounding headache, and now i feel hungover. Never experienced that feeling before unless it was an overdose, than i have.

Abnormal.Thoughts 7/3/2021 - 8:51 pm

Happy Fourth (fireworks emoji here)

Iskatel Istina 7/6/2021 - 1:47 am

Your mention of a “shadow person” intrigued me. I’ve woken up numerous times over the years saying out loud, “Who’s there?” “What’s your name?” “Who are you?” – my subconcious mind thinking that someone was in the room with me. When I turned on the light, no one was there.
Recently I woke up screaming and shaking, thinking an intruder or something was in the room. Again, nothing.
Yet I always had the sense that a male presence had been there… like you said, a shadow, which disappeared as soon as I became aware of it.
I don’t know if it was just my brain hallucinating in a half-awake state or not, but it’s creepy.
What have you experienced?

elleInWi 7/6/2021 - 2:11 pm

I see numerous shadow peeps. It started in middle school. I have 2 shadow kids that usually mess around and interact with eachother. I have 1 that randomly checks on me time to time, 1 thats my guardian angel shadow with gold eyes and an asshole shadow man who keeps me awake at night. Sometimes he alters my vision showing me things im afraid of and he triggers my paranoia. He has been physical a few times with jabs to the side at times and he invades my dreams. Hes always angry and yells in my face and hates that im a slob but he knows i have kids but he puts the blame on me. Its almost like hes an exbf lol oh and i have an elderly woman who doesnt show herself but she has strong ol lady flower perfume and shes unsure of herself and her “living” status so thats why she wont let me see her. But shes cool. She saw my new apartment an she did a walk thru and left.

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