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Me and my daughter a long time ago

by elleInWi

I miss those days. Wish i could re do it all to see if she would grow up to be someone diff than what she is now.


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Once 7/7/2021 - 4:06 pm

Your post is touching to me. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been fixated with infants – I look at them and see the purity and innocence of what I can only describe as a “pre-human” condition. They are a clean slate. And it breaks my heart knowing that as the days and years go by, humanity works its magic, and they become us. There is a special beauty in the direct gaze of an infant, the way they look at you without shame or guilt or fear, just a curious observation. It tugs at my heart when I see it. I want to somehow stop what I know is going to happen to them from happening…let them retain their untarnished perfection. But that.cant be. The human condition must manifest itself. Anyways. Thanks for putting up this post.

elleInWi 7/7/2021 - 4:27 pm

Society has def ruined my beautiful girl. Shes transitioning into a male because she says its hard being a woman and men have easier lives. Watching mama get beaten up by her dad for 5yrs has made her hate other men. And the fact that mama has struggled to make ends meet and we ended up homeless for half a year. She thinks none of this could ever happen to a man. So it sucks to know that im losing a daughter n gaining another son because if she didnt witness certain things or been through all this trauma, im sure she would still have her long hair and beautiful outfits. I have to get her into therapy soon here cuz shes dealin with depression along with an identity crisis. I dont think she feels it in her soul, i think she was influenced by all this and at some point in her life she will think her decision was a mistake and try to be a woman again.

Forgotten 7/7/2021 - 8:43 pm

It sounds like she did it for the wrong reason, she did it for societal acceptance not because of how she felt deep inside. I’m sure it’s tough watching that. But hey she made a decision and I think you should support her all the way (even if you think it’s wrong). Sort of like suppose she decided to join the circus even though she has no talent, as a parent you’d have to support her all the way, cheer her on even when she fails. She’s still the same person in that picture deep inside.

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