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i got back into wow

November 17th, 2017by spectralgiraffe

I’d really rather play World of Warcraft than deal with this life. It gets boring but the fantasy world is overall better also if someone says or does something you don’t like there’s the comfort of the screen and the ignore button. RL has neither.

I think the downside is that it kinda dumbs you down especially if its played too much but its not interfering with my online relationship so its good. Idc if he doesn’t play it as well lol…

Also many things really irritate me… they just do…

I’m sure he would rather just lay under the stars with me too, instead of dealing with …

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November 17th, 2017by SwishAL

When I get mad, into a fiery rage
I bang my head over and over
Scratching my face
Slapping myself

Until i get such a bad headache

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November 17th, 2017by thisuglyrat

If I try to put how im feeling into words its almost imposible to do, I want to live but at the same time I don’t, I don’t see the point, but I’m not selfish at all. I want the people around me to be happy, and I told myself I’d end it all when my friend found his happiness, He’s finding it and I won’t be needed for much longer, I know my death would have a little impact on others, theyd be sad for some days if anything, then they would live as if I had never been alive.

I don’t think I really …

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Reluctant Post from a Button Up

November 17th, 2017by LMNO

Love, affection, some laughs and fun. Itd be nice, I say. That’s all I really want, I say. My life’s not so bad but somewhere along the line my self loathing must have taken over. The, I’m not good Enuf’s. The awkward, I’m not sure how to hold this conversation, the guilt from when I was a dog, and the internal, why do u wanna know (whatever it is your asking), don’t judge me *****!

So Ya, I’m fucked in the head.

But Now it’s a little different. Now I get some of what I (think I) want. Tho not from people where I feel like naturally …

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People Allergy

November 16th, 2017by Shittymatsu

“Since people are the worst, I’ll put myself first.” But lately I’ve found I’ve been having problems with that mentality.

After a few years I’ve realized I do need people. I can’t keep being on my own. My middle school bully is probably the one to be blamed. Yes, she was the one to kick start my depression and anxiety after all. My parents and teachers had only worsened it from then on but that’s besides the point.

For the hellish three years I’ve withdrew into myself because of my fear of people. This girl had turned the entire school against me. If she had a dick …

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really need someone

November 16th, 2017by winterofdead

i know people are busy and you all have lots to do, but i’ve reached the end. it’s been a long time coming, but everything is finally in place. my letter is written, i have a plan, and i’m just done. can someone just talk to me? i feel like a bother everyone i talk to. so if you want to talk, please.

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eye contact

November 16th, 2017by superficiality

today, we made eye contact. we stared at each other for a little while, until we both looked away from each other.

it was monumental for the two of us, he and i. we haven’t taken any neutral notice in one another in over a year. if we have taken some sort of notice in each other, it’s negative. i’m so used to seeing him glare at me now, that i’d almost forgotten how calming and gentle his eyes can be. i’d forgotten how his eyes always seemed to sparkle. something as simple as eye contact and i was happy, just for a second. and i …

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Rerun 4 life

November 16th, 2017by The Rising Sun

Just when I thought everything was going to be okay… it isn’t. I feel like I’m living a very bad rerun of my life.

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Sleep, I just wish for eternal sleep

November 16th, 2017by Sketch Song Girl

I don’t find my worth, or purpose, people say you die only once. Well does that saying really apply to everyone? Well I know that that won’t apply to me cuz I was actually born dead. Therefore I believe that’ll mean that I die twice in my lifetime. Have I created a monster, have I created a mean sister throughout her life, I have I really just created someone that would be mean to me and hate me for one second then love me in a few minutes or even hours? What have I done in my life? Have I just failed to be the …

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all i want to do is to fall asleep and not wake up.

November 16th, 2017by spookichick

how hard can that be…no pain. just fall asleep forever.

any suggestions?

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this was me at work. why do people judge? does it bother you as well when people judge?

November 16th, 2017by sadlife958

So what I want to dress as a character, as a fan of something that I enjoy that makes me happy and you know what I’m actually smiling in this picture because I don’t care what people think just because I’m wearing a Dragonball Z shirt a hat, key chain or w.e who cares my job at work is getting done the way it’s supposed to be done! so why do people judge us? And why were they giving me that look like I’m some insane freak when I just keep quiet and just do my job …

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Oh no

November 16th, 2017by kamidaka

My mother found out what I did, I don’t know how! I was careful! That sneaky b*tch

What am I gonna do, everything will be ready on Monday, why did this happen? I can’t speed this up. Oh dear I’m so scared right now.

Maybe I can negotiate things until Monday, I don’t know. What will she do? What will my father do? Does he know? I’m so scared I dont know what to do.

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What part of yourself do you hate the most?

November 16th, 2017by eternaldarkness

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they get mad at you because you’re feeling this way :(

November 16th, 2017by Jazzy

when they say that they’re always with you….but they leave you alone in the actual situation and come back when you act like there’s nothing wrong and you hide your real feelings because you don’t want them to leave again…

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November 16th, 2017by lostallhope001

I realllly really need to die asap I can’t deal with this anymore it’s too much. I hate every single day. Why is everybody scamming with N why :'(

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The world is making me sick

November 16th, 2017by Clebbus

People drool over television ads and fatty foods while the housewives make dinner, scolding their husbands and wishing they lived a better life. Fathers beat their children scaring them into a lifelong silence. And high schoolers like me threaten death over a capitalistic life because of the bullshit ensnared in the roots of our system. And the rednecks glorify guns and war and that toxic idiot in the oval office. Pro-equality does nothing but constantly patronize the minor. And we all hate ourselves, loathe, despise. And I wonder if those who don’t truly know the secret or are too damn IGNORANT TO UNDERSTAND. We are …

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Second day

November 16th, 2017by kamidaka

Well, at least I’m not crying non-stop in the middle of the street. It still hurts though, so much.

People around me are noticing I’m sad, and giving me nice things to eat. I’m grateful, but the pain isn’t going away. Thank you for trying though, I really appreciate it.

They asked me to go back to the place he died to check some things. I don’t think I can do it, just remembering what happened makes my heart ache, if I go back there I’ll crumble.

I’m trying not to think about it, I’m trying to remember just the happy memories.

He had such a beautiful smile.

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I miss her…

November 16th, 2017by Autumn Leaf

I have give up-
Sincerely, i give up.

I never had a shitty life I guess it was just my state of mind.
On 2015, my mother was killed by a bus. It was to sudden. Never got justice, now I think it would not matter. My mom is not coming back-

I was a momma boy. I sincerely only live for my mother and despite that I was far from being the ideal child. I regret that the most.
Since middle school I had suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.
My mother put a spell on me. “If you kill yourself I go next”
That kept me going for 10 more …

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Tonight is the Night

November 16th, 2017by Wanting2disappear

It’s been many years since my last real attempt at suicide. The last time was when I was in an abusive relationship with my ex. I thought for sure that I was stronger and would overcome anything when I finally got away. I ran as fast as I could and as far away as possible to escape my situation. I put 2000 miles in between me and everyone who has ever hurt me.

I thought for sure I would get a fresh start after escaping. I encountered a lot of hardship over the first few years away. I was isolated and never really made any new friends. …

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A seed I’ve planted has grown…

November 16th, 2017by angeeluka

Is today a good day to die? Everyone will be just fine…as if nothing happened…I don’t have much impact on anyone and the world will be juts the same…I think I’ve lived long enough…23-years is long enough already, I guess. Waking up has already been hard…falling asleep, harder…Days are already dragging…and time seems too slow…I can’t wait for that day…to finally end it…one less soul won’t make a difference…everything will stay the same…I know…I’m certain…

I want to be selfish…for one last time…just like what I’ve always been.

I want to be carefree and succumb to this frivolity…and succumb to another stupid decision…just like what I’ve always …

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