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I don’t know.

January 22nd, 2017by FeelingRatherBlue

I feel horrible right now.  My family just went out to eat, and a few minutes into the drive there, I just started feeling bad for no reason.  When we got back into the car to leave, I started crying.  I didn’t want anyone to notice, so I just stared out the window away from everyone the entire time and tried my best to not blow my nose or anything and draw attention.  I don’t know why I feel like this.  My grades are starting to get better, and it was my mom’s birthday, so we were doing fun things yesterday and today.  I just …

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i want to sleep

January 22nd, 2017by who_even_cares

but the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight.

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***WARNING *** TRIGGER CONTENT*** This is so fucking gutting. SO sorry for her and anyone else going through rough times here and elsewhere. I’m in tears. She had SO much going for her. What a filthy worthless piece of shit family she had, the poor little angel! She was beautiful, smart, MATURE for her age, […]



January 22nd, 2017by who_even_cares

“so why did you come in here today?”

because my mother told me to come here after i flipped out at my little brother and tossed him on the ground.

“I wanted to seek help because of my mental health issues.

“Ok. And you said you were occasionally feeling depressed and anxious?”

if by occasionally you mean every fucking day of my miserable existance then yes.


“When did these problems start?”

if i could remember a time when i didn’t have these problems i would tell you.

“A few years ago.”

“Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?”

suicidal thoughts are the only thing stopping me from committing suicide. the looks on everyone’s faces when



January 22nd, 2017by Diem S. Sky

Today I went out into the storm. I walked in the rain and hail, felt the cold wind around my exposed throat and chest, heard the wind blowing through the oaks above me.

And I thought…perhaps…perhaps maybe, there was a way I could get my life together. Perhaps just because half my life had passed me by within the blink of an eye, it didn’t necessarily mean my life was over.

Came back home and found my mom passed out from a drug overdose because I had gone out and wasn’t watching her, and my cat half dead from her illness. And realized…no. It’s not half my …


Any other sites?

January 22nd, 2017by WitlessWhit

Besides The Suicide Project?

I am feeling more and more disconnected.


Its been a while

January 22nd, 2017by StarryEyed

I haven’t used this site in a really long time. I met someone on here a long time ago he was a good friend for a while. But that was a long time ago too.  

Truth is I feel so stuck as I am, not a unique experience I know, but its how I feel. I can’t move on from where my mental health dumped me years ago I thought on meds I might get better. Im ill, unable to work, and am currently on a downward spiral for a few reasons. I don’t know how ill cope with whatever comes next. I’m scared. All …


considered my options.

January 22nd, 2017by who_even_cares

im either a slave to the medication or a slave to the depression.

there really is no escape from this hell is there.



January 22nd, 2017by ElleHart

Would anyone out there like to be friends? Discuss our ideas on how to go? I feel alone in this and would just like someone to talk to who’s going through the same thing. I am trying to hold on longer in hopes that something will change but im just having a hard time making it out if this difficult mental state. My email is

Email me if youre on the same boat. Perhaps we can help each other.


Nowhere To Go

January 22nd, 2017by SumGuy

Nothing to do. Just to get away from the feeling of coldness being around someone who now hates me. I’m at the house of my “best friend” she cheated on me with. It is what it is when you have nowhere to go.

Sure I forgave them both, I’m a forgiving person if you’re honest with me. But the situation speaks beautiful volumes to where I’m at in life. I can’t stay here tonight. I don’t want to go home, to just sit there and feel the air heavy with disdain.

I’m half tempted to just sleep in the abandoned half burnt house down the road. Half …


I’m Changing

January 22nd, 2017by magnificxnt

14727421_1922191101345766_4781720153018597376_n  (I took this half drunk in the backseat of a busted up minivan at two in the morning) So there’s me, I know “Ew”. Anyway, I spent most of last year (2015) and half of the year after (2016) thinking about what would happen if I ended my life. I tried once. 9-13-15. The special day. I thought I was dead. I stayed in my little comatose for a few days, before waking up in a smelly, white room to the voice of my best friend saying “SHE’S AWAKE!” It seemed like such a happy day …


This is the real me.

January 22nd, 2017by violinplayer22

So, this is me.

I have been off this site, and away from the pain for almost a year. And then I met a new person. Someone who tried so hard to make me realize I was okay, yet somehow did the exact opposite. I relapsed back into this hole again, and I’ve hit a worse point than I was a year ago, when my life started being a little better than it has been for years. This site helped me realize that maybe I was worth the fight, so I’m back to try and find that feeling again. I was strong, I thought I could …


Not Again!!

January 22nd, 2017by Ylem31

I can’t be losing it again. I refuse to go back to that fucked up, psychotic, suicidal state. At least not for another month. I need my sanity.


Over 10 years old but still a fucking classic

January 22nd, 2017by Immurement

Animation ain’t the greatest but still awesome. A song and video about not giving a fuck. Cheers.


I hate myself

January 22nd, 2017by Lawli

I have this full-length mirror in my bedroom, every time I look in it I hate myself, every time I don’t look at it I think about how bad I look. I hate myself so much now, I don’t want to go outside, even though I stay in my room I change my clothes like three times even though I don’t even leave my house. I got a haircut the other day, I hate the way I look, I hate how I look in all my clothes. It’s not as though I can change the way I look either, this sucks. I’m trying to loose muscle …


why does this make me feel better?

January 22nd, 2017by mcor

I usually starve myself, I barely eat because feeling like I have the control over my body makes me feel better, but why is that? Why can’t I just stop doing this and live happily ? My parents are noticing that I’m starting to get skinnier again and they might make me go to rehabilitation again..I really don’t want to go there it’s horrible but I don’t want to eat


I’m so tired of that act called life

January 22nd, 2017by BallerinaOfDeath

Since I can think I was forced into a role for which I was not destined. I was educated to be a small porcelain doll that my mother could be proud of. Never thinking anything naughty, never doing anything bad, keeping my shape, keeping my mind together, always being delicate and pure, thinking of being destined for something better. Mom, allow me to tell you a little secret…. I never was the person you wanted me to be, I wasn’t destined for that life you were planning for me. You forced me to smile and act as if everything was ok so people could praise …



January 22nd, 2017by whiskered-fish

I’m like a comatose person being kept alive artificially with a machine.

I do nothing. I do nothing at all except breathe and eat and sleep. Occasionally, I move. But I barely think. I barely feel. I’m alive in the biological sense, but not in any other sense.

Every hour feels like a year.


the Canary

January 22nd, 2017by The Last Snorlax

Hello darkness my old friend…
Please stay with me as I descend.

Beneath a veil of rain
Covered in smoke and ash
Hides a frail memory
Consoling my trajectory

Deep in an endless cave,
the light will never shine.
Underneath ashes seeds still grow,
never surfacing the green below.

Oh sweet golden bird
let me rest, escape this chasm .
Sing your song, free me from the abyss,
but grant me a moment to reminisce.

When the sun was still in my face.
And air filled my lungs.
Before mud, sweat, and fires,
broken backs and liars….

Let me open the cage.
Now, fly your way back out.
So you are not locked down here with me…
But to sing, up where you belong, -free.

That I …


Run your heart out

January 22nd, 2017by beautifulsinner

last night i went for a run at night. it was pretty foggy and cold but i decided to go for it anyway. i ran as fast as i could through the trees and down the sidewalk, hardly being able to see 10 feet in front of me. i ran until my legs burned, until my lungs couldn’t handle it anymore.

i ran and ran and i just kept wishing i could run forever, away from my problems. away from this shitty city. away from these shitty people. i just wanted to run, and never stop.

there are train tracks near my house, and every time …