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September 18th, 2017by Blue65

I’ve reached the end of my rope.
It’s been years since I saw a counselor, went to the hospital for an attempt.
I was stupid then, but if I knew what I do now, it wouldn’t have just been an attempt.

I don’t have a will to live- before that was out of sadness, but that was before. Now I see it better for all parties involved.
I don’t have a bright future, I don’t have any redeeming qualities. I live day by day with the same routine, doing different things in person but repeating it all in my head. I’m nobody special, I’m not worth anything- nothing that …

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September 18th, 2017by Thalen

It’s been a long time since the last time I posted something here. I guess nobody even remembers me.

Last time I posted I was in a bad situation because of the lack of good results in my Ph.D. After that I was expelled from my university, gave all my savings to the guy I secretly loved because he needed the money. So, with no money, no studies, no job, I had to go back to my country,  live in my parents’ house, be a burden to them again and learn to live with this permanent failure that is me. Eventually I got a job so …

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Did depression destroy your health?

September 18th, 2017by Black Holez

Or was your health the cause for your depression? I’m asking this because I’ve noticed some very noticeable changes in my strength and body for these past 4 months. I was all day in bed for 6 days a week 24 hours a day, only going out if necessary like going out to get food or taking care of some problems relating to my small business.

I’m now so physically weak that simple exercises like jogging or lifting sacks of cow feed would tire me easily. I’ve used to do these things before easily and without problems but now I can’t for the life of me …

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If only for a time machine……

September 18th, 2017by Blackholeheart

You lose it and do not notice it … You lose them every time a little more, if you ignore their calls with full intent. You lose them a little more each time, if you leave them again, because you are important to others. You lose them a little more each time when you look at their way, their time, and all the way they do with you, as they love and appreciate you as self-evident. You lose her a little more every time when you let her go to bed with doubts, she ponders with questions that bounce from the inside against her head …

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Anxiety voices

September 18th, 2017by Blackholeheart

Ahhh another high anxiety night,  it’s nights like tonight that make my coworker think im crazy,  as I pace around aimlessly,  having full on conversations with my anxiety voices…….

Sometimes I actually wonder if I am going crazy,  or this is an early onset of dementia.

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R – 09.17.17

September 18th, 2017by blanketcapebabe

i made this account a couple minutes ago because i found this site as i was researching otc sleeping pill overdoses. dont know why i made it. dont even think anyone will read this, which is fine by me. i want to die quickly and quietly and with as little fuss as possible. have had 2 attempts in the past, each ending up in hospitalization. i hate staying at the psych ward with a passion, which is why i want it to work this time. not even gonna try unless i know its gonna work 100% just because i hate the ward so

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don’t belong

September 18th, 2017by lo_15


I am 15 years old, and every day I fell like I don’t belong and I feel that when people call me fat or ugly that I need to just leave this world so they will not have to look at me, the age at when I felt this way was when I was 9 years old and my birth mom got back on drugs and I have not talked to her sinc, so u see it was when she chose drugs over me over my siblings but they are so happy with there lives then there is me all alone you see they don’t …

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Day 3# ->Taking control

September 18th, 2017by Urm8451n

Hey, good day for everyone.
I won’t update about recent progress in the last goals [don’t have time atm]. But will bring up another problem I’m struggling with.
Taking control.

Lately I lost all control of my life.  Lived in poor conditions, stopped working out, started spending time like a freaking zombie infront of my computer, hoping to get new notifications from anything! (even from advertisings) – you could call it a new level of loneliness, but for me it is just plain sad.

My idea of helping me to get into “work” will be using the following skills:
1. Taking responsibility; each individual and its own way of doing …

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Its all about perspective

September 18th, 2017by lonewolf23

It doesnt make me as sad as it used to but ever since i started working minimum wage jobs I’ve noticed certain employees start having problems with my happy and cheerful attitude at work. Its like they dislike happiness. I just dont get why they react so negativity about my happy vibes. I suppose they dont understand the value and great power of pursuing happiness. I get that things could be better and it’d be nice to get paid $40 an hour or even be a business man but things could be much worse too. And thats where perspective plays a big role in how …

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100 days

September 18th, 2017by ohboyohboy

im trying to do the 100 days project and it was a real success at first and i was barely having any bad thoughts and i was so READY to see day 100 and pass it and maybe even see day 200. but now i don’t know if i’ll even see day 50. im too young to be thinking like this. there’s so much i could be looking forward to, but i just don’t want to see it. i don’t care how much it’ll hurt everyone. i just want to finish this.

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September 17th, 2017by kaye

äI’m about to tell some random strangers the story of my shitty life. I’m 17.  So my birth mom was schizophrenic and bipolar. She couldn’t take care of me properly so I got put in foster care. Due to my birth moms mental health issues I suffered from neglect. I wasn’t able to talk till I was three years old. After that, I got adopted by a couple. However, the man who was supposed to be my father ending up molesting me. He had also molested two other people in his past. I first started to have suicidal thoughts at the age of twelve. When …

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Fake personas in conflict

September 17th, 2017by Lowcard

So when I started seeing my latest counsellor, I did something that was maybe sort of stupid.  I felt like my real life was too boring, so I started making stuff up.  I created a whole fake persona and I’ve been trying to stick to it ever since.  The problem is that she then referred me to another counsellor, and then I created a whole different fake persona.  Now that I’m back to the first counsellor, I’m starting to get everything mixed up.  I’m having a hard time even remembering how old I’m supposed to be or what jobs I’m supposed to have had.  I’m …

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Ebay rant

September 17th, 2017by theblackveal

I was already having a shitty day when I went on eBay to try to buy some stuff. Someone had a “best offer” for a $7 used shirt and I typed in $4 and they responded with “A-hole”… Just made me feel shittier even though it should not have. The shirt wasn’t even for me, but for someone in a different country that wanted to save money. I got angry and wanted to report them, but there’s no way to do it. I guess I’m an A hole for wanting a used shirt for $3 cheaper. Dear seller, I always feel shitty anyways, thanks for …

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I’m so useless

September 17th, 2017by Kiwiz

I look like a spoiled brat keep flinging throwing paper, punching on the table and burst into tears, my mom asked me “What happened? Fill her in.” I said because my TSI reading score is appalling and I cannot pass the TSI reading test. I don’t like the TSI reading test because it keeps bugging […]


Three times a charm

September 17th, 2017by khajiit

Been such an emotional day I don’t even know where to start, but it seems only appropriate to write my thoughts on this site… well, my brother attempted to commit suicide last night. Spent the entire day at the ER. He took a whole bottle of his anxiety medication. It’s been 12+ hours and his short term memory is shot to hell (asks the same questions over and over, doesn’t remember anything past taking the pills) and his motor skills are compromised… Worst part is him describing the hopelessness, how there’s no way out and it’s so devastating because I’ve been in his exact shoes. …


I’m too short

September 17th, 2017by asperger rebel

Hey, guys! I realized why people reject me. Because I’m a fucking midget. I’m just 5’6, shorter than average white girls. Now I understand my miserable life. Girls don’t want me because I’m too short, these bitches prefer tall and strong guys. How can I make friends with this height? People would laugh at my face. Girls would laugh if I ask them to hang out with me. You see, my life sucks. Elliot Rodger was right, he was short too, and white girls rejected him all time. I’m suffering the same cruelty from women. What can I do? Slit my throat and end my fucking life seem …


The time when everything stopped permanently

September 17th, 2017by LastMonths

Once there was a glee good boy who had everything he ever wanted a complete family with normal days and a normal life. Until one day his father decided to fuck everything up leaving them without any fucking clue as to where,what,why he did it.

The boy tried to find his father with her mother helping her to move on in the process, but the boy was stuck in time he was in a permanent loop of asking why.

Then came the days we call everyday life for him it was hard and he was trying his best, then one day his drunkard uncle beat him down …


September 17th, 2017by devilish

I don’t have anyone to talk to and I literally feel like I’m going to kill myself


September 17th, 2017by Ellen87



September 17th, 2017by Life is a beach

I want to be there for others so if anybody wants to talk just message me on Kik at girlygleek123