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My friend that is my suicide

by Suicidal

” I’ve often thought of suicide as my anwser. But now i regret it. I Slit my wrist way to deep all the blood rushes from my gentle body as i lay crimped up on the floor i wonder if anyone even cares. My funeral was horrible no one even bother to release a tear. not one. No one came to claim me as there’s. No boys seem to take a look when i walk by they just go on&on about the measly lives of the tiredness of the others with in the room. No counselor seems to listen when i scream at the top of my lungs i die silently with the screams falling from my innocent body. The times i wonder around in this unforgotten world. My world burns up as i’m trapped with in. I lay wake until the dawn of time comes to relive me of  my great pain. as i fonder whether to tell anyone now. Its all kept hid from my unwanted life. The Times i walk in the streets the times  I lay there unnotticed. The times i’ve given up on life. The Times i left the buliding that hurt me so much, The life i once had is all OVER>!

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