My Mistake

  June 3rd, 2009 by freak15

When i was 12 i lived in kaufman, the best place i have ever been to and lived. I use to get in to alot of messed up situations with my parents and my friends. I lived in a trailer in the middle of nowhere and it is’nt a pretty site there either. I used to be grounded for a long time and my best friend killed herself. I always wondered about myself, what if i wasn’t alive, what would my parents even care about me anyways. It was Janurary 2nd 2006, i was home by myself and i kept wondering if i should do it. I waited for hours till i decided to do it. I was going to hang myself in my back yard on the tree. I had it all set up for a long time then i started to walk to my death. When i was getting ready to do it i could here a voice that kept telling me not to do it, I’m guessing it was god. Well i did it but when i was dangling around my best friend dallas came and saw what i was doing, He quickly ran to me and took me down from my death. I passed out that day. The next day i was at the hospital with my mom and dad right by my side. They stayed there till i was able to be free. When the doctors told them what happen they were shocked. They had sent me to a mental hospital for a year and that straighted me up a bit. When i got my self back home my parents decided to move. I said my thanks to my best friend dallas and we are still best friends as of today. When i moved i still wonder about taking my life still I don’t know why hopefully i won’t though….

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