My World

  July 10th, 2009 by bjs22

I am a 26 year old guy that came from a great family, married an incredible women, and fathered the most precious little girl 2 years ago last month! My life was amazing and then I became addicted to prescripton drugs. My entire world has been turned upside down and I have deeply deeply hurt my amazing wife (who left me in Febuary) my parents, my siblings, and my baby girl. I have gone through rehab and I go to meetings, but tonight I found out that my wife is ready to move forward with her life and that I am not included in those future plans. As much as it kills me to admit that she is doing the right thing I know I must. I have become a cancer that spreads to all those that get close to me. Even staying sober didn’t change the fact that I have this mountain of bad decisions, lost relationships, and much much more that didn’t go away when I stopped using. Now, I have lost my soul mate and dear friend for good and it is all my fault. I refuse to hurt her and my daughter any longer so I think it is time to kill the cancer! My wife is beautiful, smart, funny, etc so I have no doubt that she will find a great guy that will give her and my daughter the love and support that they need. I hate that I have done this to my family and to my life. Addiction is truly a disease that kills a large number of good people, so PLEASE if anybody reading this post is struggling with addiction to anything I beg you to get help this moment! Don’t let it go on for years like I did because eventually this disease with kill you! May God Bless you all

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