I can’t live like this anymore

August 2nd, 2009by kayceekitten

I can’t live this way anymore. My best friend gave me a lecture about me killing myself, and now hates me. My one friend, Paige, doesn’t even ACT like she cares. I’m probably depressed, I wanna kill myself, and I have thought of running away multiple times (I would have nowhere to go….). My life is one big hell. My dad hit me when I was three, has been verbally abusive since, hit me again when I was seven, and juSt plain pisses me off. My parents argue often now, and I’ve decided next time they get in a fight, I’m running and not coming back. There are people whose lives are nearly perfect, but act depressed and wanna kill themselves. I’m not one of those people. Don’t tell me not to commit suicide, I can decide for myself. Sorry I just had to say this.

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