This Life is No Longer Bearable

  April 19th, 2010 by wamad

I’m so sick of feeling like this. Everything used to be so easy, yet now it’s so hard. I blame my parents sometimes. They made my life like this: unbearable. I hate how they hate each other. I absolutely hate it. I guess my story begins with their story.

When I was just six,  I was introduced to Henry by my mom. What an ass he is. He tore me apart. He allowed my mom to do what she did. To cheat on my dad, to cheat on my family. And it hurt me because even though I was only six, I wasn’t stupid. I knew what was going on. And it made me so tough and overprotective. And I can’t trust anyone to this day.

How do you live your life unable to trust the world? I need a friend. A person who will be there for me. Is anyone ever going to be able to do that for me? How do I have a friend if I can’t trust anyone?

I can’t live like this anymore. My life really does suck, and I really  don’t know how much longer I can do this: I can’t fake that I’m happy anymore because I’m not. And I’m not my mom: I’m not a lier. So I refuse to pretend that I’m fine alone and by myself.

I’ve lived like this for eight years. I’m so lonely and I hate my life. I’m only fourteen. I don’t want to live like this anymore.

Please, somebody, help me.

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