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by AW92

Well its finally official, I’m doing nothing with my life, I can’t even get up outbid my bed to get myself a Heath care card. I need it for when I go to tafe, which is like a college it’s just really shit, and cheap..
Anyway it’s going to cost 1606.00 If I don’t have a health care card, it’ll only be 303 less with one but yeah.
Well anyway, I’ve decided im not going to do this corse because I fail everything I try, and I don’t have the money or motivation at all.
I would rather work until next year and do something pathetic coarse for my shit life, fuck I’ll be 21 next year.
What a great life I have lived.
I’m over everything, everyone, they’re all just like get your shit together you’re 20 with no career, it’s true, I work as a brain dead check out *****.
I don’t know what I even want to do, I don’t enjoy helping people, I don’t like talking to people and it’s just really shit.
Everyone in town is starting to hate me again, mainly the boys.. I haven’t even done anything in one month but theyres always rumors going on still.

I think I just need to get out of here, western Australia.
Otherwise I am going to start saving for my own funeral.

I am the oldest of my sister and cousin, my cousin got a job in the airport a few weeks ago, like she gets everything handed to her it’s always been like that seeing how she has no dad or siblings. Then my sister, who was diagnosed with depression gets everything handed to her to, she wanted to do a diploma in makeup $7000, yeah, she gets it.

Hm I will vanish soon, not tell anyone when or where I’m going.


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TheDisturbedOne 6/27/2012 - 12:50 am

I can relate I never had shit on a silver platter nor do I ever ask for it; I didnt pass a math class until last semester. I got no need to lie, I failed in almost every class I had from elementary to high school where I gave up and dropped out at the age of 16. I’ve been at community college ever since but that taste of failure kills me inside so much I just lock up, I know is frustrating. Suicide is understandable hun, but so is living. If you’d like some support you can add me on FB : Josh Teh V

I forgot to mention I have the same anxiety problems were I just hate to talk to people, and helping people is another story lol.

I know some really life changing motivational speakers , if you’d like I could send you some links.

LuckybombAbCan 6/27/2012 - 1:13 am

Hi AW92, Sorry to hear about all of these. I can however feel some of how you are feeling. however it’s not to late to change how things are going and get a good career going. Hell i’m on my third decade on this planet and i’m trying to start a new career, not much luck but i’m trying. your only 20yrs old. you still have a whole life time ahead of you to get a new career. dont rush things or you just rush life away. be happy with what you got now, things will get better. they wont be handed to you tho, at least they weren’t me i had to work for everything i’ve got. Stay strong, Hold your head high and just be yourelf. what more can anybody ask for. Message me on FB anytime if you need an ear to listen. i’m always around. take care.

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