Hopeless World

July 31st, 2012by godoftrees

My name is Trenton and i’m posting this out of confusion, hopelessness and honestly the rest of the reasons i don’t know. Obliviously being on this site shows that i don’t want to live anymore. I hate this world for what it is i hate our species and what they do. I’ve felt this way for quite a while now and i always thought “can’t i change it?”. But then reality comes to play and shows me that i can’t. I simply don’t have the motivation or discipline to even think i could change it. As i’m speaking right i should be reading a book …

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July 31st, 2012by exhausted24

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im never enough

July 31st, 2012by hanners

2your useless just like your father” is something I usually hear when i fail to please my mother. Ever since the divorce, our relationship has been so strained and she has been verbally and emotionally abusing me for the last year or so.my father left us and is rarely ever on the scene and is a dead-beat dad.my mom is under so much stress from everything but she takes it out on me particularly. my two younger sisters are treated like gods gift and im told to shut up and get over myself. she constantly talks about how nobody would ever want me and …

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Lost Forever

July 31st, 2012by lostinhorrer

Okay so i have been through therapy and it made everything worse. I don’t know how to deal with all the voices inside my head telling me what i need to do i am a dyslexic fifteen year old I’m going to be a junior and i don’t want to even see tomorrow. This will be long but i have a lot of reasons i want to disappear.

One is my sister she always puts me down and makes me feel like i don’t belong in the world i wish i could tell here shes a stupid ***** and doesn’t deserve to even see me let alone talk to me.

I …

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*****, i hate you.

July 31st, 2012by fakingit

why why why why why why why WHY FUCKING WHY!? are you so mean. i asked u for my mascara back..so u chuck out your door and it hits me right in the eye. it hurt seriously like fuck. u look at me and say “aww is poor baby ganna cry? what a loser” then u grab a belt and beat me with it. “hahahaha now u can cry over that” which i was. “yay yay! your in pain. this is my favorite day ever!” my mom: yeah she’s just watching all this and laughing. oh oh oh..and u pushed me into the wall and …

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July 31st, 2012by Kristina

Please, if I may reach out to anyone that can help me. I have been cutting on my thighs, and scars remain there. My family has decided that we should go to the beach for the last bit of summer. I have a pool, but all I do to hide my scars is wear shorts. They think I’m weird for doing this, but do not question it.

I’m not sure if I can get away with shorts on the beach. I am not old enough to refuse the beach, nor go to a store to buy scar creme. If you are experienced with these matters, please …

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July 31st, 2012by maybe_soon_500_days_of_you

Hey all,

I know this forum isn’t the best place for this post, but I just wanted to talk to someone and tell someone how I feel.

It was a pretty busy day for me. I talked a lot to other people ( 2 persons). But when I came home today I felt so down and depressed. I don’t know why, but somehow I lost interest in life. Every second day I feel so depressed for no particular reason. I don’t think I am depressed or suffer from an other brain illness, its just that I put my life in a state where I disconnected absolutely from …

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July 31st, 2012by Michael

“I don’t want to live To waste another day Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made Cause I feel like I’m breaking inside I don’t want to fall and say I lost it all Cause baby there’s a part of me to hit the wall Leaving pieces of me behind And I feel like I’m breaking inside”
– Shinedown

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July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

Something that I once built

As a set of goals and fixed opportunities

Protected my whole life

Been destroyed

By the conflicted torments

All that I did

I still couldn’t do anything to fix it

Because every time I tried to touch those pieces

They would just tremble into dust

Every aspect of broken pieces crumbled

At the tip of a tiny touch

As I walked through the kingdom once again

Felt like a hatred soul had woken up

Followed the same route

Protected the key with just nothing but darkness

Dug up a hole in the very pit of the soul

Tried so hard to not get close again

Tried so hard not to act the same again

Forcefully doing so

Challenged everything

Changed …

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Shattered Kingdom

July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

She looks into her heart

Walking inside the kingdom

Everything shattered


Yesterday was clear and beautiful

Now a broken path so unrealistic

Everyone says it’s going to be alright

Everything is going to get better

But it doesn’t

It will never be alright



Were nothing but a broken promise

Love was once there

But not anymore

Memories vanished

So hazzy like they were never there

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How do you choose life when it hurts more than death?

July 31st, 2012by desperationsucks

I’ve browsed this site on numerous occasions and it is a comfort to realize that I am not the only person out there that feels like I do.  I am almost 39 y o, married, I have 5 children of my own (whom I do not have custody of which is a long story) and 2 step sons.  I love my kids, my husband, my family.  I am not what you would call “depressed” as much as “desperate”.  I am a homemaker (which is a nice way of saying I am unemployed and unemployable, again, another long story) and our family is subsisting off of …

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Death is Always On My Mind…

July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

Afraid to die


But this life isn’t for me

No body really cares

My family wants the best for me

But the same time they just over protect me from everything

Always wanting me to be their baby

But always wanting me to have my own life

How am I supposed to have my own life when they keep me away

The more we fight

The more I lost track of time

I messed up so much

The more I mess up

The more bitter I turned

The more arguements and fights

The more I day dream about the what if’s

I lose

Now there’s no where to go

Trapped on this lonely broken path

More afraid than ever

People say I am lucky

But …

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Hard To Forget…

July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

It is difficult to pretend

Just watch these strangers

Who used to be really great friends

The quietness

The loneliness

The awkward gestures

The familiar faces

The memories


The guilt

The shame

Wanting to say hey

Hoping for a long  conversation




Every second

Every hour

Every day

Every fight trying to save the friendship

Every arguement just creates the situation worse

Tired of trying sometimes

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where is my friend?

July 31st, 2012by maibri

we were friends on FB, ur acct has been deactivated, i cannot reach you, please contact me! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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My Sappy Story

July 31st, 2012by GhostlyNinetyFive

(Sorry for the sarcastic title; I use humor to cope.)

Hello, I’m Ghostly. That’s my username in place of my usual, more personal one. I feel like this may be the best place on the web to deal with suicide openly and honestly, so here I am supporting those who feel alone in this, and potentially talking people through some tough times, and I’m glad that’s what’s going on here. You are all very kind.

Maybe “helping people” is an overstatement, or a little premature. I’m just glad there is some forum to talk on that isn’t monitored to death or trashed by trolls and idiots. I’d …

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Just Another Goodbye Story

July 31st, 2012by thefailure

I was talking on here last night to exhausted, and mentioned that one of my neighbors had killed himself. I was the last person to see him alive. We all called him Bailey.


Bailey was a Vietnam vet, a “catch-up hippie” who never got to be part of the hippie movement but who embraced the ideals behind it with a passion once he got back from the war. I don’t know that much about his youth, but I do know who he became, and what he meant to all of us. Its kind of ironic, but Bailey was the hero of our little circle of friends, …

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July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

Yesterday was nothing but a dream

It never really happened

When I look outside the window I see nothing but a nightmare

The dreams that I once accepted are now all gone

Just a faded memory

The only time that I’ll wake up from this nightmare

When my prince will come and rescue me

From this prisoned darkness.

The blackest of them all

A pit where infinity goes on forever

A melt down

An angel that will carry me off

Carry my heart with them.

I already miss that feeling.

Darkness and the enemy has taken me away for a long time

It was such an adventure but now

I just want to feel safe

Feel protected

And feel loved

Feel accepted

I want my broken wings to be fixed

I already learned my …

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I’m Sorry…

July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

Stupid memories leave me alone

No one cares

So stop

Angel doesn’t care as well

It’s too late

If he cared he would have answered he’s phone already

He would have texted Shadow back

He would have replied to his email

He already told Shadow to stop worrying about it

Shadow already know it is too late

Only thing to do is give up the fight

Shadow has to surrender this friendship.

Shadow understands

Angel doesn’t want to be friends anymore

Shadow knows her faults

Always be her fault

She should leave now

Angel doesn’t care

Reality is a *****

But Shadow really does understand

She hope to understand

She tried

But its too late

I’m sorry

I have failed you

You were a great friend

Actually might have been a great; best friend

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The Wind…

July 31st, 2012by sleepxdeath

I edit and rewrote this poem. Originally not mine but from an old friend. A stranger; now… I suppose. The reason why I rewrote this, because it is very beautiful and that person used to mean a lot to me. Still do in a way… but its difficult.. Hope you guys like it.


My hands Shaking like a winter leaf clinging

to the tree against the frost-bitten

Howling wind

My legs buckle as if I am atlas holding the sky

Against this I cannot win It binds me

I am a redwood tree I cannot be moved

But If the skies will allow the wind to whisper

I will sway to its voice

If it …

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July 31st, 2012by clarity1987

What’s awaits me once I commit suicide?? Does anyone know for sure? Heaven or Hell or a void??

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