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by imsodone12

Once I was happy,

Full of laughter and cheer,

So sometimes I wonder

How I ended up here.

Life just seems grim,

And I don’t want to try,

Everyday I go home,

I sit down and cry.

You made it worse,

Your  teasing and fun,

I was ready to give up,

And admit you had won.

But instead I pushed on,

Didn’t want to let go,

Didn’t want to give up.

But how could you know?

You didn’t know,

Because I wouldn’t talk,

Open-mouthed you’d stare,

As I struggled to walk.

No one would help,

But you couldn’t see.

Inside I was crying,

For you to help me.

But why should you notice?

Why should you care?

I bet you couldn’t tell,

If I vanished, into thin air.

You didn’t see,

How bad I was hurt,

You treated me worse,

Than you treated dirt.

So tonight while you sleep,

I will take that knife,

Build up my courage,

And take my own life.

I’d leave a few words,

So some wouldn’t worry,

But I won’t tell you,

Just sit in your fury.

I’ll leave this world,

Because you gave up on me,

My tears won’t flow anymore.

And you’ll hear my silent plea.

You will finally see the truth,

And everyone will see,

It wasn’t my fault,

Society did it to me.

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