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Hello seem’s to be the same as goodbye

by Tormenting Dreams


Well now it has been a very long time since i have posted or even visited. i just want to say im fairly certain this will go un-noticed. which is okay, i know that getting views after 1am is very rare (eastern-standard time).

But i just want to say im moving along. i have a job i start soon, i have 2 fairly decent blogs i run. i have friends (not really) i just like to assume there friends. really all i have is idiots i talk to regularly (granted its over the internet.) so yeah im still fairly the same loser i was 10 months ago.

im still as lonely as ever, i just learn to deal with it better. my book is coming along nicely, i don’t expect much. really it takes most writers almost a lifetime to roll out there first book. i feel like im making a good deal of progress (seeing as i get bored easily and jump on another project)

I guess i do what i can to get by. i spend way to much time watching tv shows and movies online.

i seem to be playing the waiting game. as i said, hello seems to be the same as goodbye. i dont know which way this is going to go.

i have no idea if this is a hello or goodbye.

i really dont know what tomorrow holds.  im sinking but im swimming.

its funny i catch myself trying to go to a site that i cant, to talk to people i hardly like.

its funny how much is out of habit.

a serene sadness (thats right i used serene and sadness together,) has settled over me.

i am sad, but i am okay.

i am sad because i have lost people. they are alive, but i will never speak with them again. and i will probably never get to meet them.

they were a good group of people, but its over now.

so hello or goodbye, it doesn’t matter either way.

life goes on.



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clevername 7/3/2013 - 2:50 am

You have to Live to have anything worthwhile to write about.

But just like so many other things, you have to be “about it,” in order to manifest the best results. Otherwise, you’re just another wannabe “writer” churning out gobs of irrelevant crap that no one will ever care about.

So get some experience, figure out exactly how you feel about it, and verbalize it as thoroughly and eloquently as possible. Don’t “waste words” unless you find a particularly appealing or poetic phrase demanding inclusion.

Just like with music, before writing a song, you might ask yourself “what do i want to hear?”

With writing any type of literature, ask yourself: “what do i want to read?” Also, what do people… seem… to need to know?

Tell ’em how it is, and don’t hold back.

Writing improves through iteration. Keep redoing it until it says exactly what you want it to say, and means exactly what you want it to mean.

It seems that brilliant works require a degree of obsession.

ataraxia 7/3/2013 - 3:07 am

Hello fellow insomniac.
It gets old saying it, but I get how you feel. Hell, I’ve used many of the same words to describe my situation.
For what its worth, your post reads like a start.. A step in the right direction.
And to reiterate clevername, great literature comes from experience.. pain.

…”i have no idea if this is a hello or goodbye.”..
Perhaps its both? Either way, you get to decide.
Best of wishes.

one_day 7/3/2013 - 3:44 am

Viva la Internet. 1am your time is 6pm my time.
Floating is as good a state as any. Why bother swimming when you don’t know what’s at the finish line?
Did something happen to your ****** friends?

shatteredglass 7/3/2013 - 12:46 pm

i have been perma-banned on ******

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