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hope for hope

by okdarrell

every day i hope it will get better. i am an IV heroin user struggling with an addiction much stronger than i thought. i am in tons of trouble with the law. i just violated my probation. i hope that my next shot will be the last. or i hope that i can be strong enough to be the man i have to be and face the time i have over my head and stop running from my problems every day.


i lost the love of my life in march and ever since then my life has been all down hill. i’m a broken man, and i miss her so much. if i could have one more chance, i would’ve treated her much more like gold than i already did. a princess. pure preciousness. nothing can stop the love i have for this woman. i’ve been with several other girls since her but i can’t get the same feelings. they mean nothing. i just want to end it all, i want to disappear..completely. is there anyway to completely disappear in 12 hours or less? ..sign me up, cuz I have court tomorrow…


one day, we will all be free, and bask in eternal love.

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