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by Anunnaki

Do you have permanent scars? Self inflicted or not?

I’ve got a few scars on my body but you can’t notice them. Worst is on my right foot when I ran through a glass door. One on my right palm when I fell on some wet wood and sliced my hand on some metal shit. Another on my right wrist (off to the side) from last year I accidentally cut myself trying to put the lawn mower in the car. One on my left elbow from a sporting accident.

I’ve got one across my cheek but I don’t think it’s deep enough to cause permanent scarring, maybe long term. You never know.

I want my new scars to be visible. I want them to confront people. People that diss me and say I look like this or I look ugly it’s all just opinion, I want to make it factual. I want it to be a permanent closing of the door to women. I’ve got no idea how I could explain precise scarring to my parents or a doctor lol but I want about 4 or 5 really long scars on my face, one definitely going over my eye too. This is going to fucking hurt and I’m not so good with pain but fuck it I’m already in a worse kind of pain. The one on my foot had stitches, I was about 5 years old and doctor fucked them up and it was traumatic, the worst pain I ever felt when he took them out so that scares me the most.

I want people to say “how’d you get scars like that? (Eating *****? Lol sick movie)” so I can tell them I did it and you’re damn right I’m fucked up in the head. But also to show other people who keep trying to fuck with me, if this is what I’ll do to myself imagine what I would do to you? So don’t try me.

I hate people that stare though, it’s a real annoyance and it’s caused me a few situations over the years but I don’t think anyone will punch on with a dude with a face full of scars lol

I want to cut my um manhood off too but I’m pretty sure I would bleed out if I did and I’m not too keen to die that way lol


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Anunnaki 1/28/2015 - 9:13 am

Ok then, the crowd has spoken. Everyone deletes my comments so there’s no point being on this website anymore.

killswitchon 1/28/2015 - 1:15 pm

id giv the manhood and face scars idea a couple days to marinate

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