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Story of my life

by Silentnoise
First of all I”ll tell u about my parents: when my mother was pregnant with me in her she wanted a girl since I have 2 older brothers, so when I was a child she used to treat me like a girl my hair was long, she used to let me wear dresses…etc I really love her the most in my familly, my older brother has psychological problems (autism, shezophrenia and some other syndromes) his iq is 70 – 80 therefore a lot of schools didn’t accept him, he should have went to a private school for special people like him, but my father insisted he goes to a normal educational school, and after he finished he insisted that he goes to college, all I’m trying to say that my father was very busy with my older brother and offc was very busy with his work since he was a c-e-o in an construction company, as for my eldest brother: we don’t talk a lot since he’s older than me by 11 years and he was very busy studying since he”s a neuoro surgery doctor (he’s very busy most of the time in his work)
Don’t mix up between the 2 brothers, there is the craZy one and the doctor one
Secondly about school days: i didn’t have much true friends in school, about 4-5 friends, the rest was always picking up on me though when we grew up I became friends with them but still there’s the background, I honestly don’t like them, I just act normal since they are friends of my friends, after the tenth year in that school I went to another school and met new friends their, the first year was perfectly normal, at the beginning of the second year I knew new group of friends that was heavy stoners and in the same year I entered a death metal band as a rhythem guitarist,, I was 14 years old exposed to drugs, alcohol and offc metal heads, this was the turning point in my life from a good calm boy, to a metal head stoner, we used to escape from the school every day to go drink alcohol and smoke hash every day, at that time I didn’t care for anything,… I lost all my previous relAtions with my good friends and with my family, cousins, girls.. All gone
My parents moved to another house while I didn’t agree to move with them since that other house was really far and I didn’t have a car, they didn’t understand me and thought I just didn’t want to live with them: honestly at that time I didn’t care for anything as I told u before,, so they moved on to another house and I was living alone: I was 17 years old
At the age of 18 I entered the German university at Cairo,, it was pretty hard I failed like 10 subjects in the first year:: my father told me to go to another cheaper college since the German university was very expensive and I failed in it, so I went to another college called Msa that was very hard too so I decided to declare architecture engineering major since it was the easiest in the engineering majors (I didn’t want to be an architect), I knew a lot of people their but not as friends, just colleagues that help each other
On the other hand my “friends” was and still a group of smokers that sits in houses: smoke and play playstation that was our main habbit, we ended up sitting between 4 walls smoking and playing games
Been like this for about 9 years
and after I finished college I had to join the army, dont get me wrong i didnt want to join the army,, its 


and yea i forgot to tell i got back stabbed by alot of friends, they was like "i felt my life was ruined when we knew him (ME)" one my best friends actually said this about me, anyways i really hate it, i hate the people, the culture, the acting, the system.....etc

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MoonShine 5/30/2015 - 7:29 am

Your must be rich as your father is a ceo of a construction company. Can you tell me the name of the company? It seems that you are under a lot of peer pressure. Just don’t do drugs and smoke anymore because that will increase your problems. I can understand that you wanted to do something else but you are now forced to join army and kill other people. I too have to do many things forcefully in the story of my life.

Silentnoise 5/30/2015 - 8:18 am

first of all im not killing anyone even if they ordered me too, secondly yes my father really gave it all for his career life thus he deserves to be rich ( he’s not that rich btw, ive seen what rich people do, and my father is not that rich.) he works at a construction company called arab contractors,

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