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I Really Fuck’n Love You!!!

by RealTalk30

But you’re just like every sorry fuck’n **** I’ve ever met! Yeah that’s right…all your friends warned you about me but you had to be curious. .you just had to find out for yourself and what did you get?
You sit there and play on my every insecurity but HAA.. guess what? They’ve been there longer than you and they will always be mine! Just like you will always be mine… HEY!! Are you listening?? Fuck you..don’t walk away from me!!
You want to talk about things that are a dime a dozen.. well I’m 3 down in a row of 56.5 minus this shit you give me..and 8 beers away from perfection! BEAT THAT, HOE!!
HAAAA!!! …BLAH…but..HAA, I tell you!!
Who made who? Who made you?? …wait, what?
Look, all we need is a little time to get our heads straight! We only being human..or you can see it as being over rated and out dated in a time when the world was ours! You really want o take steps back? FINE!!
ok ok..I don’t mean to yell at you.. I love you..I really fuck’n do! But sometimes you just make me so fuck’n ugghh.. and it drives me up the errgh.. I just want to AHHHH!!!
I know you get me..

Now let’s kiss and make up!!
YES!! tongues!!

That’s janga! šŸ˜‰

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