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Empaths. a Blessing or a Curse. a Gift or a Burden.

by Nova

I consider myself to be an Empath. You might be one too.  It’s been extremely difficult to live and function in a society where people don’t really have empathy so it’s hard for them to really feel what somebody else is going through. And that’s why so many people are ruthless and cutthroat, you know. Being and Empath is like having a finely tuned ‘Bullshit’ Lie-Detector.  It’s really strange to have the ability to really feel what other people are feeling because I don’t know how to handle and cope with it. Now, staying away from strangers is easy enough; I just don’t go outside unless I absolutely have to. And I personally believe that a lot of the craziness I feel is from strangers out in the world because it’s really easy for them to be harsh and cruel because they don’t know you. Once someone really gets to know you it gets a lot harder for them to hate you and have such charged negative feelings towards you, in my opinion. But also I feel really guilty because I have so much anxiety that I end up neglecting communication with my family and friends. I know that my family members love me (and some of them actually don’t, I literally can’t stand to be in their presence because of all the emotions they have and the ill-will that they harbor towards me). But for the people that actually do like me, it’s pretty hard to be around them too because as an Empath, their emotions take me on a roller coaster of up emotions / down emotions. So yes, they may very well generally like me, but I can also feel when they don’t.
I realized recently that people are very fickle. Because one moment  may you say or do something that they like, and then of course they will like you. But then the next moment you might say or do something that they perceive to be wrong / undesirable then they usually won’t like you anymore and be distasteful towards you. Then a moment later, you might say something they like, then they like you all over again. And with family it hurts pretty bad because I kind of hold my family to a higher standard. I know everyone is not perfect, but I honestly do expect more love and understanding from my family. So if I’m on an emotional roller coaster with one of them, when their emotions that are about me go downwards, I can feel it so deeply. And it’s honestly a serious let down when one of them shows disrespect to me. I don’t think that I’m better than them, but it’s like I don’t want to have to take bullshit (B.S) from my family when I have to pick up B.S from everyone else. But I try not to get too upset or judge their feelings to harshly because folks are always changing. Everything in reality is constantly changing; and peoples emotions are constantly changing too. Change is unavoidable. And I can’t avoid people’s emotions for too long. We have to live and really try to be happy.
Getting some form of professional help can definitely help. Seeing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist can help us learn to cope with some of the different forms of Anxiety and Depression that we might have. That kind of  therapy can help us organize feelings and fears; and figure out what kinds of mental patterns that we fall into every time that keeps us in the states of anxiety and depression. It can helps us to be more well-grounded and rational whenever we pick up on someone else B.S.  Also, it really helps to just get a lot of things off your heart and chest when you go to a therapist.
But many therapist are really great yet regular people and they’re not always going to understand our issues. Sometimes they might think that we’re delusional and psychotic, and some of us actually might be because of all the issues that develop from not being able to cope with the Empath ability. So if we can afford it, it’s good to try to see a Cognitive Behavioral therapist because we might actually have some legitimate disorders going on up in our heads that professional help can help with.  But when it comes to the Empath stuff and the Intuition stuff, most people in the health field won’t be able to help with that because they don’t understand it or never heard of it before. So for our Empath ability stuff, it would be best to try and find a couselor or healer who does holistic and spiritual work.
ALSO there’s a book that I got my hands on through Amazon and I really think that you guy’s should get it.  It is called   “Become The Most Important Person In The Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment”.  **(I couldn’t wait for the book to come in through the mail so I got the ‘Kindle Edition’ for half the price.)**  This book has really been life-saving because the author explains what it’s like to be an Empath, how our ability works, and how to control it. Becoming the most important person in the room doesn’t mean that you’re better than other people, but it does mean that as an Empath we tend to focus more on others peoples feelings and put their stuff first.   The author explains how all humans have Auras, and that when an Empaths Aura connects with another person’s Aura, the two Auras merge and become one. The other person’s Emotional Stuff gets trapped in our Aura. And the other person may walk away, but their Emotional Stuff stays stuck in our Aura. That is why we feel everything so deeply. The book is like an instruction manual to:    1 — teach us how to understand the ability,   2 — learn how to clear out other people’s Emotional Stuff from our Auras,   3 — learn how to turn the Empath Ability OFF,   4 — learn how to turn the ability back ON and use it to be a skilled Empath.   I’m in the first 10 days of the book, and I’m already learning how to focus on my own feelings and put my own feelings and thoughts first, not other peoples. And it’s not selfish, it actually does feel nice to not feel hurt when other folks give me their B.S.

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WanderingDreamer91 8/3/2018 - 1:33 pm

I know! 🙁

Sorry, this was long and I’m at work ans my lunch break is already over but I eead the firdt few lines.

I don’t reallt find myself pstmychically attuned but I un… find myself to be somewhat empathetic or an idealist at best but all I’ve had is a mundane world filled with terrible people and it’s been hard for me to rely be myself so yeah…

Sorry jf no one has commented in years and this is an old post but maybe yoy might see this hopefully.

Got to go.

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