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Bucket list

by violinplayer22

What I want to do before I die is simple, I want to be a teenager. I want to go to a party, or ditch class. These things though, are more specific:

1. Have my first kiss

2. Go to prom

3. Lose my virginity

4. Break all ties with my friends

5. Go on a date

6. Go to Europe

7. Take one last trip to florida

8. Get accepted into a good college

9. Eat a twinkie

10. Tell my best friend I love him

11. Get drunk

12. Take as many pills as possible

13. Die

This is a shortened version, obviously. But, what’s your bucket list??


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Mf 8/17/2015 - 9:38 pm

You’ve never eaten a twinkie? no wonder you ended up on SP (j/k). That’s a pretty good list tho, (the last two points are debatable tho). Hopefully you’ll get them all done at one point or another (except those last two, haha).

Tristeza 8/17/2015 - 9:44 pm

I wish my list was longer. I honestly don’t have many things to look forward anymore at this point.

1. Go visit my favorite people
2. Die

Tristeza 8/17/2015 - 9:46 pm

PS. No, I forgot that I look forward to seeing my nephew growing up but idk I’ll be able to see that.

wndozh8er 8/17/2015 - 10:05 pm

What’s the point of getting accepted into a college if your gonna off yourself anyway?

PhantomCitizen43 8/18/2015 - 12:12 am

You have a nice list there. But I hope that when you get to number 11….. (after the hangover that is) that you will scratch number 12 and 13 off your list and instead find more cool things to add to your list…. then get out an do them.

One thing I have on my list that I have not been able to obtain yet…. is to hit the freaking lottery and then go live the good life!
Because I have had money at times and been broke at times and I have come to the conclusion that life is much better when Ive got Money.

hiohneh 8/18/2015 - 4:48 am

I’ve never made a bucket list because I’m not motivated to do anything anymore. I’d rather die a virgin..haha, but you got yourself living it up before you take the plunge. Maybe along the way to the end you’ll find a purpose for living. It’s a nice thought…

Hjerteblomst 8/18/2015 - 4:58 am

No bucket list, i couldn’t give a fack about making one

Hjerteblomst 8/18/2015 - 5:03 am

Prob because i am uninterested in life though, and things cost money, etc,. Ok if money was no object
1. Meet online boyfriend
2. Go to norway

alonelybird 8/18/2015 - 8:53 am

1. Have an absolutely super-duper wild sneeze.

Paradoxical breathing 6/5/2016 - 2:14 am

See the aurora borealis – I said see not spell.
Go to Australia
Try kite surfing
And have a threesome.

That’s the abbreviated version

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