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by nicole123

Merry Christmas to all… I hope you all had a good day .

I didn’t feel like it was Christmas today .
It’s my least favorite holiday.

I feel like today is a day where people find a excuse to get back in touch with you , people get you gifts because they feel like they have to, and family’s have to get together because they feel bad that they haven’t for a whole year .

I kind of had a good day though. I saw my step family . Their really nice . My actual family is pretty much all dead , except for my great uncle and cousins that live in Denmark . My whole family lives there and I’m stuck in the USA …

I got a caligraphy book to teach my self to write better . I’m excited. It’ll take my mind off things .

Today is a hard day. But I didn’t cry . Or feel bad . I just felt kind of empty . I remember Christmas as a child .

It was so exciting . I couldn’t wait to see the family too. And Santa would come . I miss being so ignorant to life, and so full of it . I was always bouncing around as a child , but I didn’t know what I know now then .

This time of the year makes me sad . The suicide rates are the highest . I wish I could take all of you off of here and give you love and affection. And happiness . You all deserve it..

I hope y’all had somewhat of a good day. Or at least made the best out of it . Enjoy the rest of your nights , or mornings 🙂

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